Asheville, NC → San Diego, CA → Mountains of CA → Desert of CA and AZ → Phoenix, AZ

September 19

A somewhat tearful (but exciting!) goodbye in Asheville. And of course, Jim Bob couldn’t resist pretending like he was at Carnegie Hall with the grand piano….

September 20

At 12AM, just a few hours after landing in San Diego, Jim Bob stuck his hand in the ocean and was off and running! Only 2,500+ miles to go….

The first couple of days were spent making his way up the mountains to Julian, CA, elevation of 4,226'.  

Immediately after Julian, Jim Bob descended and began his trek through the desert. The highlight this week was getting stuck in a sandstorm mid-desert with 35-50mph winds. Fortunately, he was able to seek shelter at a small market! The snowplows came out after the storm to move about 2 feet of sand off the highway.

Also, you have to love our border patrols! This guy pulled over to offer some water and a ride, which Jim Bob of course had to decline.

A highlight of the week was crossing the Colorado River. This meant he had successfully crossed CA and was now entering AZ! Jim Bob also met a nice group of cyclists who were making their own way across the country. They had only left a day later than Jim Bob making his timing FAST compared to them! Go, Jim Bob!

Made it to Phoenix! It’s been a great 2 weeks. His feet are a bit sore, but what can you expect?!? Please be sure to leave a message below and we will share with Jim Bob! Big hugs to all and remember, #KeepPounding and #DoSomethingBig.