Hello, Wayfarers!

Mary Kenson writing here. As you all may have heard, Jim Bob is back at a cross-country trek this fall attempting to walk/run from San Diego, CA to Atlantic Beach, FL. Your first reaction was/is probably along the lines of "What?! How old is he?! How long is this going to take?!"...Don't worry, ours was the same. 

As his daughter, I've seen him go from San Francisco to Ponte Vedra Beach via bicycle my senior year of high school in '07, and attempt another bike trek across the country in 2010, my senior year of college. Here I am planning a wedding this year and he's off again! There seems to be a trend of Dad going to do big things on "big" years (25th anniversary summer ring a bell?!). So, here we are! Jim Bob is doing this to attempt a personal life goal before he really ages-out, but also to encourage and inspire our Wayfarer Family to just get outside and DO. Go hard in school, after school activities, community service, simply all aspects of life....Be the best "you", you can possibly be. 

Follow Jim Bob's Adventure Here ::

He is sending loads of cool photos and stories from his adventures each day and we want to pass them along to everyone via the camp website! Stay tuned for weekly updates via the Bob Blog and his Instagram account @wayfaringjimbob. Share your #WayfarerAdventures with us and let us know how you are going out to #DoSomethingBig.

Much love to all and happy trails!

Mary Kenson