Our Mission is Simple…

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…to provide every opportunity for each child’s growth. Our positive and nurturing environment filled with adventure and fun allows kids to be kids. But there is more. Our philosophy lets your kids…

[slide-right]BE who they are.[/slide-right]

[slide-right]BE who they want to be.[/slide-right]

[slide-right]BE their best selves![/slide-right]

Wayfarer’s strong camp community and traditions allow each boy or girl to gain independence within a healthy, active program. Each day offers a variety of programs supporting skills development and decision-making that build self-confidence.

Surrounded by friends and a solid staff, every camper learns to ‘stretch’…physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. Self-assured in these new skills, campers come away with increased capabilities and new found independence for this ever-changing world.

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“Wayfarer has given me such an incredible, nurturing, inspiring place that becomes more and more a part of me each summer.”
Sara from Charlotte, NC (Senior Camper)


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As Wayfarers, we know our future holds great opportunities. We strive to help every camper understand their world and their potential. Through self-growth and development in all areas, we become stronger, more mature and competent individuals ready to tackle anything that may come our way.

You see, as Wayfarers, we are travelers on the road of life. Whether smooth or full of speed bumps, we know the experiences provided at Camp Wayfarer make life’s road amazing!

Girls Camp Western NC
“I wanted to thank you for another great summer at Wayfarer. I can not imagine my life without the Wayfarer family in it and your family as well. Spending my summer at Wayfarer has taught me the importance of being a friend to strangers and the great blessing it is to be a child of God. Thank you again for your love, support and family.”
Sarah S. (Counselor)


…to make our actions and words always pleasing to God. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the motto we live by in our boys’ and girls’ camp. When recruiting staff we seek strong, Christian individuals who feel they can contribute to this community built on faith.

While we are a non-denominational, Christian based camp, we focus on values important to all faiths. Many of you have noticed Wayfarer’s logo is the compass. This symbol reminds us to keep our compass bearing on God’s will, so that He may provide guidance and direction in our lives.