As we set our sights toward Summer 2021, we are thrilled and humbled to be approaching a monumental milestone.

Next summer will mark our 30th year in the camping industry! After nearly three decades worth of campers, we are overjoyed to see the increasing number of second generation campers, and it always fills our hearts to see their parents coming down the camp entrance to drop them off. The letters/phone calls we continue to receive throughout the year from Wayfarer alumni are a constant reminder of the ever growing reach and love of the Wayfarer family.

Jim Bob and Nancy always say they were never prepared for the Wayfarer family tree that was rooted that first summer in 1991!  It is true that Camp Wayfarer is not the cabins, the dining hall nor the Honor Council Ring, but instead, the people that impact this place each summer.

We invite all Wayfarers to SAVE-THE-DATE, Labor Day 2021, as we celebrate 30 incredible summers!