During Camp

Staying in Touch With Your Camper

Care Packages

Camp Wayfarer is a package-free facility and we politely request all families to adhere to our “no package” policy.  Please make sure family members and friends are aware of our package policy as any items received in the mail will be “returned to sender”.

Mail & Email

We love and encourage letters! We receive letters at our PO Box 850 address and camper emails through the Parent Portal daily.  All letters/emails will be hand delivered to your child’s cabin mailbox. Remember, your child’s response will be snail-mail only, as they are not permitted the use of computers/phones.


Visitation is not allowed, with the exception of Performance Night.

Camp Today Blog and Photo Post

Parents and family members have the opportunity to see photos of what we’re up to at camp! We do our very best to provide you pictures and posts to enjoy daily. If we have internet issues, please be patient. We are in the mountains and sometimes storms will cause some frustrating mornings! Don’t fret though, they will eventually get posted and we will alert you if we have any type of delay. To view the day’s pictures or email your camper, you will log into your CampSite Parent Portal and choose the ‘Camp Today’ tab. Some children do not like their face in front of the camera. If this is your child, and you want to see him or her in pictures, encourage getting in front of the lens!


No cell phones or personal computers. It is such a joyous time at camp seeing campers interact with one another without phones, social media, etc. Please collect your child’s phone upon arrival to camp. Any phones found in cabins will be collected and stored in the camp office until closing day.

Each camp family will create a personal account prior to or during the enrollment process. Once logged in, families may access important information. About Our Parent Portal