Cabin Life

From the very first day of camp, the bonds and friendships of a cabin begin to take root. Before you know it, the campers in a cabin become family, and it is these very relationships that we love watching grow stronger year after year. It is not uncommon for our youngest cabin-mates to grow up together, become senior campers together, and eventually join Wayfarer staff together.

The boy’s cabins are situated on the eastern hillside of our 60 acres, while the girl’s cabins are located in the valley on the opposite side of Wayfarer’s lake, Lake Chamois.

  • 6-10 campers per camp cabin (from the same grade)
  • 2 counselors and 1 CIT (Counselor-In-Training) per cabin
  • Private bathroom
  • Twin size bunk beds
  • Open air, screened cabins means enjoying the fresh mountain air!