Who We Hire

When hiring staff for the first summer in 1991, Jim Bob and Nancy would always ask themselves, “would we want this camp counselor as a role model for our own children?”. This ideal has never waivered and to this day our counselors are the heart and soul of life at Wayfarer.

Charismatic, nurturing and motivated, with a love-for-life attitude, Wayfarer counselors easily make each day the best day at camp. We understand that parents are entrusting us with their most precious possessions, and therefore we take the process of hiring our staff with great importance and extreme selection. Before counselors are hired, they must undergo an in-depth, in-person interview with a Camp Director. Beyond being a solid candidate and role model for the camp family, meeting in person allows us something more: Can they look you in the eye? Do they have a solid handshake? Are they role models? Are they excited about life? Do they have manners? Are they trustworthy? These are all attributes we expect from our counselors right out of the gate. Our activities and curriculum are tried and true, but it is our staff that sets us apart and keeps our campers returning summer after summer.

In our technology-filled world it is important to note that we do not hire any staff prior to meeting them in person. Skype and Facetime play no part in our interview process.

The Wayfarer Difference

We consider ourselves one of the few remaining “mom and pop” summer camps. As a result of our size and key values, Camp Wayfarer has been able to retain the spirit and intention set forth during our very first summer in 1991. We know all of our families by name, not by number, and we always cater to the individual needs of our campers. We’ve never forgotten why we’re in this business and we strive to show this through every aspect of our operation.

Not just a girl’s camp, not just a boy’s camp, Wayfarer provides the best of both worlds! Since our founding, we have held a strong belief that a shared camp experience among boys and girls is one of the cornerstones to adolescent social development. An uplifting environment where campers may coexist in one community contributes to lifelong, meaningful friendships rooted in respect and admiration.

We have a registered nurse living on campus at all times. While she is first and foremost a nurse, she is also a ‘camp mom’ who is looking out for the general well-being and safety of all of our campers. Health & Wellness