Preparing for Camp

The Gift of Camp

Camp is a wonderful gift to your child. The rewards he or she will gain are immeasurable. It is always a good idea to share “the excitement” about going to camp with your children! In order to help make a seamless transition to the camp community, we have found it best when parents discuss activities and help the child set simple goals prior to arrival. Listen to what your child hopes to accomplish and express what you hope he or she will achieve.


From day one, Wayfarer counselors are trained to look for those children who may be having a problem making the adjustment to camp life. We meet on a regular basis with counselors and help them navigate any homesick campers.

Extreme homesick cases are handled by Jim Bob and Nancy. Campers quickly learn that there is no time for homesickness when they are kept so busy at camp!

Please do not rescue your child and tell them that you will pick them up if they are not “happy.” This is setting your child up for trouble. Children who are bribed in this manner usually come to camp half-heartedly and are hesitant to become involved in the camp community. Write letters asking questions about specific programs and activities. Encourage your child to try new things. We suggest not writing letters informing your child about all the things he or she is missing at home. This has proven not to be productive in a child’s success at camp.

Cabin Placement & Cabin Requests

Cabins are made-up of campers in the same grades.

Parents may make a cabin request on their child’s application. We will do our best to meet such requests, but parents and campers MUST understand such requests cannot be guaranteed.

We want your camper to feel comfortable and confident as she/he arrives at camp. With that said, camp is a wonderful time to develop new friendships and break out of a camper’s comfort zone as they meet new people away from their school friends!

Get Ready Packet

Includes packing list, luggage info, Opening & Closing Day info, and more!

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Help your child have the best experience possible! During Camp