September 1, 2020

Dear Campers, Staff, Parents, and our entire Wayfarer Family,

We hope this letter finds you happy and in good health! We wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on what has been one of the most memorable camp seasons in our history.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a year of challenges. As Wayfarers, we pride ourselves in rising to adversity and overcoming life’s hurdles. Early this year, we were all confronted with a new and unfamiliar set of circumstances. The current state of affairs certainly proved to be difficult waters to navigate. That being said, we were determined to take to the drawing board and piece together a plan that would prioritize safety, all the while retaining the joy, friendships and growth that we cherish so much here at Camp Wayfarer. Through consultation with health experts and other camp professionals, detailed planning, and Jim Bob’s headstrong attitude, we were able to establish and implement protocols that allowed for both a safe and healthy campus, as well as the fun-filled experience that Wayfarer’s are so fond of. We are thrilled to announce that our 2020 summer season was a huge success! 347 campers, 60 staff members, and countless parents all came and went in good health!

We wanted to take a moment to thank our camp families for entrusting us with the safety and well-being of your children. There were many factors to consider during this year, especially, and we are overflowing with gratitude that your family included Camp Wayfarer in your summer plans. To all of our first-time campers joining us from other camps, it was an absolute pleasure to have you with us and we would love to keep in touch as we move forward into the fall/winter months.

Lastly, we want to extend a gracious and heart-felt thank you to our wonderful staff. These young men and women are not only the heart and soul of Camp Wayfarer, but they were also the one’s maintaining our Covid protocols and practices. Despite a two week on-site quarantine requirement, multiple precautionary testings, as well as a policy that did not allow counselors off-property during our 8 weeks of operation, our staff arrived undeterred and delivered one of the best summer experiences to date! To all who trusted in our judgement, or helped make the summer a reality, we are indebted to you.

Here at Wayfarer, we subscribe to the policy of “hoping for the best and preparing for the worst”. While we keep our fingers crossed that Covid-19 will be a one-summer concern, we remain confident in our established protocols, abilities to mitigate risk, and the performance of our staff members. If we find ourselves in a similar situation come 2021, rest assured we will be prepared to open our doors yet again!

We know the school year may look a little different this fall, and we wish everyone a safe transition back. We will most certainly be making our rounds over the next few months and would love to see your smiling faces when we come through your town! In addition, 2021 will mark the 30th summer of Camp Wayfarer. We will be celebrating our biggest summer yet and hope you will be a part of it!

Much love and big hugs to all,

Jim Bob & Nancy

Jim Bob and  Nancy Wilson
Founders & Directors

Read our 2020 policies to learn more about what we are doing to keep camp safe.

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2020 Policies



The safety and health of everyone in our camp family has always been our primary concern. Additional sanitation procedures will be in place. We have installed larger hand wash sinks outside of the dining hall and hand sanitizer will be prevalent throughout camp. Cabins will be sanitized daily as well as program areas after each activity use. Materials needed in any activity will be wiped down before another camper may use that item. Our dining hall will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before and after each meal. Our kitchen and dining hall staff will wear gloves and masks during meal prep and service. Our salad bar will be served by staff only. As new information is received, these may be updated.


Sadly not. For the safety of your children and our staff, it won’t be possible. As soon as your camper arrives, we are trying to provide a closed community for their safety. Deliveries will be limited to essentials only. Delivery drivers, health inspectors and anyone having to enter our community must wear face coverings and practice the mandatory social distancing we have put in place. Also, mail and packages will not be delivered. Instead, we ask all parents to use our email system in the parent portal.


We have every reason to believe that camp will be as great as it’s ever been and we are super excited about our new activity schedule!


Unfortunately, no. If you’ve flown to camp in years past, it is our hope that you will still be able to get here by car or be able to spend 2 weeks quarantining after your flight. We know that this is a huge sacrifice to ask but the safety of campers and staff must remain our primary goal.


We will not ask our campers to wear face coverings for the most part. Our exception will be out of camp trips to the Pisgah or Dupont Forest or traveling in a van or bus anytime.


Any camper or staff member with an elevated temperature of 100.4 will be immediately isolated from the community and evaluated. The individual will be assessed by our medical team and if deemed necessary, taken into the hospital and tested for Covid-19. If the individual is positive, they will stay in isolation until a family member arrives to pick them up. It is very important that parents/legal guardians understand that they must be available to pick up their child within 24 hours. Detailed new procedures are in place in the event that a positive test is confirmed. Our communicable disease plan has been modified to include a Covid-19 response and management. Contact tracing and isolation will begin immediately, phone calls to our health department and parents will be made to alert families of any elevated situation.


Be certain that much thought and deliberation has gone into our decision. Children need camp this summer. We strongly believe that we can provide a safe environment by implementing reasonable, additional measures provided us by multiple agencies. Our smaller staff and camper numbers will help us achieve recommended guidelines. As we all know though we cannot guarantee that Covid-19 won’t make its way to camp. We can only provide you links to the many agencies that provided extensive guidelines for us. It may help guide you in your decision to be with us or not this summer. We are in Phase 2 today in North Carolina and anticipate moving into Phase 3 at the end of June or before. If for whatever reason North Carolina goes back to Phase I or new data and facts make it unsafe to be open this summer, we reserve the right to close camp. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.