So, Why is Wayfarer Just Right?

Because we consistently strive to provide the best for your child’s growth in a genuine summer camp community!

Think about...waking up in the cool North Carolina mountain air with the sounds of nature pouring in your cabin. Old friends and new friends are all around as you share in laughter. With anticipation you think about your fun camp day ahead. Today might be the day you… run keen rapids, hit a bullseye, jump your first jump, roll your kayak or meet your new best friend!

Today is YOUR day at Camp Wayfarer because you will develop the skills needed to accomplish all these and so much more!

”Thank you so much for yet another wonderful summer at camp. I can’t imagine any camp better than Camp Wayfarer. I make so many great friends that I will keep in touch with forever and I also make memories that will last a lifetime. I love listening to all your stories and learning your important life lessons. I will remember them and use them to guide me through the school year. I’m working on teaching my younger sister the banana song so she will know it when she comes next year. I can’t wait to come back next year. Thank you again for making my summer awesome.”
Mary T. from Atlanta, GA (Camper)