Welcome to our Wayfarer Alumni page. Please e-mail us for the access code. You must be an alumnus of Wayfarer to log in. If you all have any pictures you want to share with us please scan them or send them to camp. We would love to archive them for posterity and our next generation!



Wayfarer Reunion!

It's been 25 GOLDEN YEARS since our very first summer....So it's about time we brought our Wayfarer Family together!
Please join us Labor Day 2016 (September 3-5) to celebrate amazing camp friendships and GOLDEN MOMENTS.
Husbands, wives, children, best friends, girlfriends, boyfriends---ALL are Wayfarer Family to us!

For more information, visit: WayfarerReunion.com

See you Labor Day Weekend!

Camp Wayfarer Reunion

To All of our Alumni,

Please help us fill in the gaps! Looking through our Camp Wayfarer Facebook Page, we know we have way too many missing contacts for Alumni! Please fill out the form below and let us know where you are and any exciting news…married, kids, career etc. We want to hear from you and we also want to include you in any exciting upcoming events.

If you are willing, please email us old camp pictures to share on our website (with names where possible). Thanks for the help. We miss seeing you!

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“All of the little girls back home in Ponte Vedra Beach who went to camp this year loved it and they say they can’t wait to come back next summer! It was touching to hear and see how something that means so much to me and is such a huge part of my life is also a huge part of their lives…”
Mackenzie from Gainesville, FL (Former Camper & Counselor)