Helpful Hints from Wayfarer Parents

Each summer we ask families to leave us with suggestions for new families and ways to improve our camp in any way. These are suggestions for new families we thought might help you with your first experience here:

“Don’t send your kids with fancy clothes! They only need one nice thing and that is for their banquet night the last night. I like to send things I don’t care if I ever see again…makes for much less stress when unpacking their clothes!”
Anne P. from Charleston, SC
Girls camp in Western NC
Camp for Boys in NC
“No letters mean great fun!!! They will make up for not writing by talking non-stop the whole way home. My 2 boys sang songs and talked about all their good times the entire drive down I-85. Maybe it’s just boys?”
Carol C. from Atlanta, GA
“Send pre-addressed and stamped envelopes for your child to send a letter in.”
Heather H. from Raleigh, NC
Camp for Girls near Asheville NC
Boys Camp near Asheville NC
“Don’t panic if you get a weepy first letter…this letter is written the first day before they get fully involved in the fun. The next letter asked me if she could stay longer!”
Michael & Liz W. from Jacksonville, FL
“Keep the packing to a minimum. I really did follow the packing list and ‘less is more’ works there. The more they take, the more to lose. CHECK LOST AND FOUND! I always find one of her towels.”
Eliza S. from Richmond, VA
Camp Wayfarer near Asheville
Asheville Camp for Girls
“Send 2 pair of old tennis shoes for camp (Lizzie said no rainbows or flip-flops) because if they get wet, it takes a couple of days for the shoes to dry. This way she always had a dry pair.”
Elizabeth C. from Spartanburg, SC
“Thanks for 3 great weeks! While our kids were having the best time ever, I actually got to go on a vacation with my hubby :)!!!”
Thankful Mom, Anywhere, USA
Boys & Girls Camp in NC
Camp Counselor Asheville NC
“Allow the counselors and camp staff to do their job. This is so crucial! I was nervous about leaving the kiddos but your staff put me at ease VERY quickly! I knew I could contact the camp, director or owners if there was a need. . .It was such a relief knowing they were so reachable. Please pass this along to other moms.”
Paula R. from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
“Don’t hesitate to share any specific problems your child may have had during the school year with the counselor. I had a very specific worry about my daughter and they handled it with such ease. Be honest with the counselor and let them know your concerns. Their staff is INCREDIBLE!”
Jen E. from Naples, FL
Girls Camp outside Asheville NC
Boys camp outside Asheville NC
“Be patient with technology. It is an awesome thing but I was so sad when pictures weren’t up early in the morning. I have to admit, I have never been so addicted to my computer as while the kids were gone!!! I would wake up and head straight to my mac. If pictures weren’t up yet I would be devastated…I finally learned to wait until 11:00 a.m. or so just to give you guys more time in case technology failed! Thanks for posting everyday, though! I love being able to experience camp with the kids.”
Catherine S. from Hilton Head Island, SC