Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering Camp Wayfarer! As parents, we understand that your children are your most precious possessions and that great care must be taken in selecting the proper summer camp for them. We realize the questions parents have in sending their son or daughter off to camp and sincerely hope our website and parent’s section will provide you with enough information to make this choice.

We gladly accept the responsibility of caring for your children and are committed to providing the best overnight camp experience possible.

Everything you will need to know before your child arrives at Wayfarer is found in this section of the website. If we have not answered your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through email ( or call our office at: 828.696.9000. If you would like to learn more about our camp, we would be happy to visit your home to share Wayfarer with your family and friends!

We know the value of a summer camp experience and invite you and your child to join our Wayfarer family and tradition!


Jim Bob & Nancy Z. Wilson
Owners and Directors

Camp Directors Camp Wayfarer


Wayfarer, a camp for boys and girls, is nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. The camp is ideally situated on 60 acres of woodland crisscrossed by streams, ridges, and valleys. This picturesque mountain setting at 2,300 feet above sea level makes for warm, sunny days and cool evenings.

Founded in 1992, Wayfarer is a privately owned and operated Christian camp. Children ranging in age from 6-17 come to Wayfarer for a traditional, well-balanced camp experience. By providing a variety of session lengths, we can accommodate boys and girls of all ages. Our program is diverse which gives each camper an exciting opportunity to learn and thrive.




+ Our Goal...

Our goal is to provide a healthy and happy atmosphere where each camper can discover new skills, make new friends, experience new adventures through camp life, and learn to make key decision-making skills for their future.

By doing so, every camper’s sound social, physical, mental, and spiritual development becomes the top priority. Our endeavor is to help each camper gain self confidence while learning to live with others. Finally, we know that our role in preparing young people for their future can only be enhanced by living in a positive Christian atmosphere.

+ Who We Hire...

We believe summer camp can have a profound impact on each and every camper present, therefore, we hire only those individuals who will be positive role models for all. Wayfarer hires young men and women who are strong Christians with excellent references and experience. Every counselor is interviewed by the Directors personally. Each applicant is vetted thoroughly through a national background investigation company to assure a clean record.

We feel it is of utmost importance to meet each individual and get first-hand feedback before hiring. Our staff is selected on the premise of expertise in a specific field, compassion and enthusiasm, attractive personalities, sound judgment, strong Christian faith and basic love of children.

Many of our staff have grown up here as campers and want to give back to the new campers the gift that they received from their counselors. The gift of love, patience, respect…the list is endless. Any child will tell you that a counselor is one of the most important influences on their lives. It is so important! We truly feel that we have the best staff on earth!

+ The Gift of Camp

Camp is a wonderful gift to your child. The rewards he or she will gain are immeasurable. In this section we will cover how you can make the most out of your child’s overnight camp experience and what to expect.

+ Making the Most out of Camp

Every child takes away something different from their camp experience. Almost all children leave camp with great memories, new friendships, the rekindling of old friendships, or special “Golden Moments" in program activities. Whatever their experiences, children can develop their self confidence and enjoy a new sense of independence in the Wayfarer camp community.

+ Talk About Camp with your Child

It is always a good idea to share “the excitement” about going to boys’ camp or girls’ camp. We have found that parents who discuss activities and help the child set simple goals seem to make an easy transition to the camp community. Listen to what your child hopes to accomplish and express what you hope he or she achieves. This gives the camp experience a greater purpose.

+ Your Child May Be Nervous About Leaving Home

Your child may be a little nervous about leaving home and staying overnight at camp. There are a couple of ways you can alleviate this stress.

Review all camp literature and video. Allow your child to review the website and email any questions he or she may have directly to camp staff. Talk about what your child will be taking to camp by reviewing the packing list with him or her. Even have your child write their own list and tape it is the inside of their trunk. This begins the idea of “keeping up with their things.”

Schedule a pre-visit to camp. By actually seeing the camp, a child becomes familiar with the camp grounds and has met vital camp staff.

Ask a friend to attend with your child. Many parents ask us if a friend should be encouraged to come to camp with their child. We have found this is a good idea in many cases, but it is not necessary. Wayfarer is a small camp compared to many other camps. New campers quickly make friends while old campers are excited to make new ones. Our staff welcomes new campers from the very start and helps each make the transition to camp.

+ As the Parent, Try Not to be a Rescuer

If you find that your child has some questions or concerns about attending camp, please talk to him or her about these BEFORE arrival. The last thing you want to do is send your child to camp with misgivings. Prepare your child by telling them that they will have plenty of fun and new adventures, but that they may also have some moments of frustration due to not being in the “comforts of home.”

Please, please, please do not rescue your child and tell them that you will pick them up if they are not “happy.” This is setting your child up for trouble. Children who are bribed in this manner usually come to camp half-heartedly and are not ready to become involved in the camp community. Write letters asking questions about specific programs and activities. Encourage your child to try new things. Do not write letters telling your child about all the things he or she is missing at home.

+ What We Do About Homesickness at Wayfarer

Wayfarer counselors are trained from the very start to look for those children that might be having a problem making an adjustment to camp. We meet on a regular basis with counselors to try and suggest ways to help a camper. We will meet with the camper to help see the bigger picture of camp and help set short term goals. Often a child appears to be homesick one day and makes a quick turnaround the next. If a child has misgivings about camp for more than two days we will call home to talk with you. We will discuss ways to help your child and possibly set up a time for him or her to call home. Almost all campers that are homesick get over it quickly and truly enjoy their camp experience.

Let us assure you—Camp Wayfarer is so much fun and full of great adventures that campers usually do not have problems!

+ Lost and Found

From the very start every child attending camp should understand that it is their responsibility to keep up with their own things. One of the challenges of living in an overnight camp community can be lost articles of clothing. Parents should encourage their child to write their packing list down and tape it inside their trunk. Parents should also speak very directly with their child about learning to keep their things organized.

Wayfarer counselors help campers keep their trunks orderly and to place their dirty laundry in their laundry bag, but ultimately the responsibility is on the camper’s shoulders. Wayfarer does have a designated area for lost and found articles. On a regular basis Wayfarer counselors ‘show and tell’ campers these items so they can be claimed. (Parents are also asked to walk through the lost and found articles that remain on the last day of camp.) Camp Wayfarer cannot be responsible for lost and found items so please be sure to mark all clothing with both first and last names. We cannot mail left items back to you. Please do a final walk through of lost and found to help us get your things back to you at pick up!

+ Care Packages Procedure

We are a package free camp! Camp is a gift in itself and there really isn’t a need for more “stuff”. The children love to get real letters and we encourage that highly! This is covered in great detail in the Get Ready Packet. Please respect our decision. Thanks so much!

Mailing Address:
Camp Wayfarer
P.O. Box 850
Flat Rock, NC 28731

UPS/Fed-Ex Address:
Camp Wayfarer
One Red Bird Song Road
Flat Rock, NC 28731

+ Personal Allowance

Each camper will have their own bank account at camp. Expenses such as ice cream, certain Arts and Crafts projects, special out-of-camp trips such as senior trips and rafting the Nantahala, and items purchased from the camp store are charged to this account. Detailed information for each session can be found in the Get Ready Packet.

+ Visiting Policy

Parents and relatives may visit campers on Sunday of June or July session between 1:00 and 3:00pm only. We have very special Sunday events planned and you don't want your child to miss out on a great afternoon's activity! We strongly advise letting your child enjoy the gift of camp. If you feel you must come, we ask that you sign your child out of and back in to camp. If you wish to bring a hometown friend off campus with you, they must have email permission from his or her parent to go along. No Exceptions!

+ Phone Calls

Our phone system is in place for business and emergencies ONLY. Campers and parents are encouraged to write each other.

+ Cell Phones

Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. Please respect this policy! If a camper is in urgent need to call home, they will need to speak to Ms. Tory to set up a time to call.

+ Mail

Please write the camper’s FULL name and cabin number on all letters sent via U.S. Mail/Fed Ex/UPS. Campers love to get real mail!

+ E-Mail

Camper emails are processed only through Camper Connection on the Camp Wayfarer website under the photo log-in tab. Please do not email your child through our business email site. After receiving confirmation of your child’s registration, just log-in and follow the simple directions. There is a fee for this through Camper Connection. We do not manage this site.

+ Laundry

Campers collect their own laundry in their laundry bags and then bring them to the Dining Hall for pick up once a week. It is very important that ALL articles of clothing are clearly labeled* with the camper’s first and last name. Please mark your child’s laundry bag well. All laundry bags MUST have a drawstring to close the bag tightly!

Camp Wayfarer cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items.

+ Medications

Our infirmary has all the common cold/allergy and first aid supplies. Our camp nurses collect any specific child prescriptions from the parent and camper on Opening Day of each session. Camper medications are distributed after meals each day. Please do not send any over-the-counter cold/allergy meds with your child. These are already supplied in the infirmary and can be given by the camp nurse as needed.