Welcome to our Family!


We believe Wayfarer counselors have a profound impact on each and every camper and staff member present. We hire only those individuals who are selfless and devoted to making a difference in a camper’s life. As positive role models, Wayfarer counselors learn quickly that this camp community is very special.

Our role in preparing young people for their future can only be enhanced by working in a positive Christian atmosphere. We think of ourselves as a family where every camper, parent and counselor is an integral part of our community. Those wishing to be hired must have strong recommendations, enjoy being with children, and be willing to complete personal interviews.


As a Wayfarer counselor, you will be a gift, you will grow in countless ways and you will make a difference to all those around you!

Camp Wayfarer Counselor
Counselor at NC Camp
Counselor at Camp Wayfarer
“It truly has been a pleasure and honor, to work here at Wayfarer this summer. It’s impossible to express with dry, tearless eyes how special this camp is to me. I firmly believe that Wayfarer has been a rock in building my character…and it was an amazing feeling to serve the camp and campers…”
Ashley from Tallahassee, FL (Counselor)
Camp Counselor NC